The American Association of Equine Sports Preservation


Protecting Equestrian History, Culture, and Economics

The mission of AAESP is to protect the historical, cultural and economic value of equestrian sports, and related industries, throughout the world in recognition of the innumerable contributions of horses to mankind over centuries.


The goal of AAESP is to launch awareness for the plight of horses and the amazing benefits they can provide – from horse therapy for children with autism and other conditions, to helping veterans and others rebuild their lives.

We have a national infrastructure of racetracks and stables already, and it is our hope that we can provide Equine Wellness Programs to our military veterans suffering with invisible injuries like PTSD and TBI with a goal of eliminating the 22 veteran suicides per day.

Lasers for Horses

Equine laser therapy is an effective, drug-free alternative for reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process. Using a variety of lasers, we work closely with some of the leading veterinarians in the world to obtain good outcomes and healing for horses.

Allison Booth-Babcock, owner of AAESP states, “The veterinary practice I work under is proud to have clients who won this year’s first, second and third places in the Kentucky Derby and won the TRIPLE CROWN.”

Veterinarian to Veteran

Veterinarians for Veterans (Vets for Vets) and their families. Our founder has worked with many of the leading equine veterinarians (D.V.Ms) around the world. She has had the opportunity to work with and assist many of the leading doctors of veterinary medicine.

We share a common goal to give horses new jobs after they retire from high performance careers, and showcase equine-assisted programs that help active military, veterans, and others suffering from the invisible wounds of PTSD.

22 Suicides a Day - Veterans

Supporting the United States Military and Veterans is a part of the American Association of Equine Sports Preservation's mission. The National Veterans Foundation and its founder Shad Meshad have been working tirelessly for over 30 years to help veterans.

The tragedy of veteran suicides must be stopped.

The National Veterans Foundation has a solution to the tragedy of the 22 veteran suicides a day.

The Lifeline for Vets has been in operation since 1985. To continue on its mission of stopping veteran suicides they need YOUR help. Please donate today!

Our goal is to promote and support new medical technologies that improve the lives and treatment of horses.

From the President and Founder

Our goals are: to support the equine industry, give horses a new job after they retire from the track, protect historic race tracks and the flamingos that live on those tracks, and showcase equine-assisted programs that help children with autism, military veterans, and other victims of post-traumatic stress disorder.

By supporting the international horse community, and preserving the world’s beautiful historic race courses, we also support the economic backbone that allows us to enjoy the many wonderful gifts that horses provide.

Allison Booth
President and Founder
American Association of Equine Sports Preservation.